20 Best Hall Tree designs (Different Types Explained)

hall tree

The hall tree is an excellent piece of foyer furniture that can help maintain order in the typically cramped and much-traveled area that is the foyer. It is also able to use as a standalone entryway feature.

The lack of a closet or coat rack in many foyers and front halls means that a hall tree is the next best option for providing a place to hang coats and hats and sit down if you choose a model that comes with a bench.

Other uses include the storage of children’s sports equipment and school supplies, as well as their backpacks; the holding of pet toys and leashes; and even use in the laundry room for the storage of supplies and the hanging of garments to drip-dry.

Also, they are wonderful examples of decorative elements that enrich the area of the front hall.

Please keep in attention that I have included the best hall trees in the following section based on those that I believe to be the best in terms of design, size, materials, and customer evaluations. It’s a rather subjective list to put together because it’s really based on my perspective for each different kind of hall tree that’s represented here.

What is a hall tree?

It’s a piece of furniture that leans up against the wall in residential entryways and typically includes hooks as well as other storage features like a storage bench. It’s called an entryway console. It is intended to serve as a place to hang items such as coats, hats, and umbrellas, and in some instances, it may also be used to keep shoes.

They first came into use around the year 1860 in a size that was significantly larger than what is currently available, and there have not been any fresh designs created for them since the 1940s.

Methods used in compiling the list

At first, I categorized the many distinct varieties of hall trees that are currently in use. Features, dimensions, materials, and aesthetics all play a role in informing the various types of storage containers available.

Second, I visited some of my go-to online furniture stores in search of what I reflect to be the most superior option available in each category. I put substantial weight on the feedback provided by customers, but I also evaluated how well it met the classification and how effectively it was designed overall.

The next is a list of the greatest hall trees by type.

Our compilation of the best hall trees available for each type.

1. An Ordinary Bench Accompanied by a Hall Tree

The piece that you see up top is a stunning hall tree made of natural wood. It has a back made of solid wood, four hooks, and an open bench. It is a straightforward design, yet it is classy enough to use in any home that features natural wood tones, whether those tones are found in the wood flooring or the furniture.

Its height of 64 inches makes it suitable for storing a number of jackets, and it also functions as a practical entryway bench on which to sit. In addition, there is space for storing shoes underneath the seat.

2. No Back

The unit directly above you have what’s known as an “open back,” which allows you to view the wall behind it. If you wish to avoid concealing the wall, this is an excellent design to get.

This apparatus is not only very tall (even 6 feet tall), but it also features more than two rows of hooks, for a total of seven strong hooks. In addition to that, it has a bench seat. Because of its industrial design, it can easily complement the aesthetic of either a classic or contemporary home.

3. Hall Tree Locker

This chic and sophisticated entryway organizer features two lockers within the same unit for added convenience. They are kept apart by a barrier in this room. Each locker has two double coat hooks that can be used to hang jackets, backpacks, and clean items. These hooks are located on opposite sides of the locker.

There are two cubbies located above the main part, and there is one pull-out drawer located just below the main section. Hats, gloves, and other items are some of the things that could be stored in the cubbies. Towels and other goods are kept in the drawer that you’re looking at.

This locker is open, so you can use it whenever it’s most convenient for you. You won’t have any trouble hanging your clothes and making your way out to the field. Your clothing will be ready and waiting for you whenever you get back.

The composite wood laminate used in the construction of this locker is of the highest quality. There will be some assembly necessary. It is possible to accommodate big groups by placing multiple of these units adjacent to one another. It works wonderfully for health clubs and country clubs.

4. Hall Tree in White with Storage Bench

The vast majority of hall trees have a wood finish, but there are times when you might prefer a white finish instead. The example given above is an excellent one.

If you want to add a locker concept for additional storage to a more formal doorway, the option described above is a fantastic choice for you to consider. Despite its more sophisticated appearance, it performs its functions in a manner that is quite analogous to that of a conventional locker.

In point of fact, this model has a sturdy bench with storage as well as 12 hooks. This would be a terrific addition to any mudroom or even a foyer since it fits neatly against a wall and butts up against it perfectly.

5. A Hall Tree that Includes a Mirror

One of my preferred alternatives for a hall tree that features a large mirror is shown above. It is really wide such that there is an aside with coat hooks obtainable to hang outdoor clothes, and then there is a side with a dedicated full-length mirror on it. This is really convenient. In addition, there is a storage bench included with the unit.

6. A Hall Tree with a Chair

Despite the fact that I choose a simple bench, I can see the appeal of a hall tree that also includes a more accommodating chair. The model that you see above is a great example of one that has a padded armchair integrated into the unit itself. Because it is 65 inches in height, it is suitable for wearing long coats.

Take note of the fact that the hooks for coats are located happening the side of the chair. Consequently, the coats will not hang down the back of the chair area. This part of hall furniture is additional about providing a comfortable seat than it is about providing storage space; nonetheless, there isn’t a lot of room for coats, which is a downside.

7. A Hall Tree That Comes With A Shoe Rack

An example of a hall tree with built-in shoe storage can be seen above; it is located underneath the bench. If your front hall is prone to become cluttered due to shoes being thrown around everywhere, this is a very useful feature to have (like ours). This unit, which is 70 inches in height, comes equipped with basic feature such as a bench seat and coats hooks in addition to the shoe storage space.

8. Hall Tree Drawers

This type features a row of three drawers running along the bottom of the bench. Each of the lockers has a hook as well as a cubby for the individual’s belongings. In addition, there is a shelf located just above the primary storage area that is accessible to all of the users.

You can stow away hats, hang coats and scarves, and conceal valuables in this space. The design is straightforward enough to complement a variety of different kinds of interior decoration, and there is sufficient space for storing things like backpacks and bats.

9. Hall Tree Narrow

This hall tree takes a casual’s design that makes it suitable for smaller spaces while at the same time providing a significant amount of storage space for all of the items that you would like to keep in your foyer.

You can hang your coat on one of the three hooks with two prongs, and there is a bench for you to rest on while you change your shoes.

10. Large (Tall and Wide)

This unit measures in at a height of 75 inches and a width of 42 inches, putting it much over the average for both dimensions. Surprisingly, it just has three hooks, yet each one is substantial and large enough to hold a number of different items of clothing. This hall tree is an elegant addition to any home, and it works particularly well in spacious entryways with high ceilings.

11. Hall Tree Short

Due to the fact that the height can be modified quite a bit, the hall tree that was just shown is the one that is the smallest one. If you have imperfect space in your entrance and cannot fit a hall tree of standard height, this is an excellent alternative. You can still use them as a shoe bench seat despite the fact that they are ideal for positioning beneath stairs in order to make effective use of otherwise unused space.

12. Corner Design

This particular hall tree design is one of a kind since it is a corner unit that can be placed in corners. If you need more flat wall space, but there is a corner where it will fit, a corner hall tree is a versatile choice that you may want to consider. Because it is a corner unit, it provides storage possibilities that are deeper than is typical. This means you can hang your scarf, hat, coat, and bag and still have room underneath them.

13. Hall Tree Rustic

The aforementioned hall tree design is an excellent option for the interior design of a country, rustic, or farmhouse-inspired space. Even though it’s straightforward, the vertical board style gives it a rustic appearance. Any mudroom or hallway would benefit greatly from the addition of hooks, a bench, and storage space if this option were chosen.

14. Antique

An intricately constructed antique hall tree such as the one seen above would look wonderful in many homes that have been restored to have a Victorian style from the 19th century. However, it would also look wonderful in the home of someone who has an eclectic style. I have a passion for combining clothes of many types.

15. Metal

There are two distinct varieties of hall trees made of metal. One is composed wholly of metal. The other one is a composite made of wood and metal. Below, you will find an example of each.

Fully metal

The only component of this first metal hall tree is the cushion on the bench. These are the kinds of things that would look fantastic in an industrial-style home or a converted loft.

Another hall tree with an industrial look and a touch of rustic tossed in there for good measure. The aforementioned hall tree has a frame made of metal and features a design that includes elements made of wood. The use of wood makes the design more approachable and adaptable to a variety of different settings.

16. A Hall Tree Constructed Out of an Old Door

A hall tree constructed from an old door is not something that you are likely to find in a conventional furniture store. Etsy does sometimes have them available for purchase. In that case, you are on your own to figure things out. You can construct your hall tree out of an old door, which can be seen here.

17. Hall Tree with Three Tripods

The tripod or three-legged hall tree is often a smaller style and is perfect for use as a showpiece or as a corner piece as a hall tree in foyers, halls, or pretty much any other room in the house.

18. Hall Tree with Tilt-Out Shoe Storage Designed by Sebastien

This one-of-a-kind Sebastien Hall Tree comes with three doors that tilt out, and each door conceals a shoe compartment, making it possible to store all of your different shoes and sandals in a way that is both convenient and easy to access. You will never have to stomp about in your shoes again when you step in the front door since there is room for all of them.

Your become to choose how you want it to appear since each door features a reversible front that gives you the option of a coffee wood or blackboard surface. You can write notes to your family on the chalkboard surface, or you can give your children chalk and encourage them to draw images and doodle till they are satisfied. After a long day, you’ll appreciate the convenience of its bench seating when it comes time to take your shoes off or tie your shoes.

The lower storage cubbies are the ideal location for storing a wide variety of items, including games, tote bags, and bins. In addition to that, it has a hook hanging on each end panel, which allows you to hang your coat or bag as soon as you enter the entrance.

19. Hall Tree That Takes Limited Space

This hall tree with shoe storage features a design that allows it to double as a coat rack, a shoe bench, and a shoe rack, all in one convenient unit. Ideal for use in the hallway, the bedroom, the living room, and several more spaces! This deluxe coat rack organizer comes with a bottom shoe rack that can be used for storing shoes, storage boxes, and other accessories, in addition to the three hooks that may be used for hanging coats, hats, or scarves. The top shelf may be converted into a bench for convenient seating while getting ready in the morning.

20. Narrow Hall Tree with Prepac 27-Inch Cubbies for 10 Shoes

The hall tree’s chic and understated form enables it to fit in constrained quarters while still delivering a generous amount of storage space for all of the items you keep in your foyer. Put your coats, hats, purses, and scarves on the 3 h4 double coat Hooks, and put your shoes in the 10 convenient shoe cubbies that also double as a bench. You may hang your jackets, hats, purses, and scarves on the hooks. Your home will benefit from significant additional storage thanks to the space-saving design.

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