About Arna Kimiai & Her Viral Leaked Video

Arna Kimiai

Arna Kimiai is a famous woman who takes out coughing and grabbing an Uber driver in San Francisco. This teenage social media star is of Persian origin and calls Los Angeles home. She works as an influencer, promoting various businesses through her social media channels. Facebook, Instagram (since deactivated), TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat are her social media accounts.

According to rumors, she add-on her money by working as an extra, which could be genuine apt her low regard for the law and her father. The company began operations on August 6, 1998, and was officially put on probation in 2016 when Farshad seize for sexual assault. He is still in prison and is frequently mentioned as a “sexual predator.”

On March 7, she and two other women boarded the Uber of 32-year-old driver Subhakar Khadka. She notice coughing, seizing the driver’s cellphone, and taking off his face mask in a video that went viral on social media. She takes out without charge after admitting “not guilty” to charges of assault, attempted first-degree robbery, and simple assault on a transportation employee, as well as violating a local health law. Kimiai, the “Uber girl,” takes in again after attempting to run from the police almost two months after being freed on bail.

Arna Kimiai’s age is unknown.

In 2021, Arna Kimiai was 24 years old and had had multiple take-ups with the law. Her special birthday has no proof. However, she thanks her followers for all the birthday greetings she received on Instagram on January 29. The starlet would thus be an Aquarius, a sign famous for being sudden, extreme, and mysterious. This young influencer appears to have got her father’s propensity for breaking the law. And she looks to have a negative rather than good effect. It will undoubtedly affect which corporations are still willing to associate with her and her ability to make a living through social networks. She has already removed her Instagram account while she waits for the outcome of her charges and possible prison sentence.

As of 2021, how wealthy is Arna Kimiai?

She might have made a lot of money throughout the years. However, she has not revealed her exact occupation to the general public. According to specific reports, her net worth is approximately $200,000, and she earns money from Instagram influencing. Sponsored posts, as well as other business endeavors. She is also a Tik Tok celebrity influencer and a cosmetics entrepreneur.

On the other hand, her handsome father, Farshad Kimial, is a successful American businessman. Her father also owned her. 

Is Arna Kimiai dating anyone?

She is a California native who appears to be a wealthy individual. And who prefers to keep a moderate public image or profile by masking her identity on media coverage of one’s private affairs. Her marital status and relationship status have also attracted everyone’s interest. Most people are curious about her love life, but she has hidden all the details. Farshad’s daughter hasn’t revealed who she loves or dating on social media. In addition, she has kept her Instagram handle confidential.

Arna Kimiai, what happened to her?

She and her two companions, Malaysia King, booked an Uber on March 7, 2021. Subhakar Khadka is a Nepalese refugee who ordered that everyone in the vehicle wear masks. Offensive comments are put on social media in response to this request, and the situation immediately continues. The cab driver does not only verbally wear her out, but she also hems straight into Khadka’s face. Before trying to steal his phone, which was filming the entire episode. When Khadka finally got the females out of the car, Malaysia King took advantage of the chance to spray pepper spray through the partly open window. She, too, is liable for committing a crime.

She pleaded “not guilty” at her hearing and was released in April 2021 on a $75,000 bail. So, she is liable to the court for attempting a robbery, assault, violence, and breaking the municipal health code. Her prison sentence might last up to 16 years, which may not be too harsh particular her criminal history and general lack of respect for others. According to Lyft, she was in control of utilizing the company’s cab services on March 9, 2021.

Arna Kimiai has a long history of arrests.

She hold up in Los Angeles on July 14, 2015. In February 2019, she reportedly performed an unsafe turn in Los Angeles, resulting in an accident. A legal claim was filed against her in February 2021 by the woman whose car she had hit. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department arrested her for burglary on February 12, 2020. On July 16, 2020, she took out removing a vehicle without the owner’s consent by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. In March 2021, she was under custody for violence, assault, attempted robbery, and health infractions.

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