Features, specs, price, and benefits of the MacBook 12in M7 2023

macbook 12in m7


The Apple MacBook 12in M7 has been available for consumers for a considerable amount of time, and this device has both egregious likes and dislikes. The MacBook 12in M7 is also available in a number of different versions, some of which vary in terms of features and cost.

We’ve laid out all the versions, along with their benefits and drawbacks, so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

The MacBook 12in is a great choice for those who need a lightweight laptop that still has all the latest and greatest features and can be used as a desktop replacement because of its combination of portability, power, and sleek design.

What is a MacBook 12in M7?

The new MacBook 12in comes in two colors, Silver and Space Gray, and is an ultra-thin notebook. The MacBook 12in M7 features the most power-efficient processor in its class, the 7th-generation Intel Core m3-8100Y. It has a speed of 1.5 GHz and a turbo boost of up to 3.6 GHz, which also helps makes it brilliant for basic tasks like browsing the web and office work.

Whether you’re using it for work or play, you’ll love the 13.3-inch Retina Display’s resolution of 2304 x 1440 pixels. The Force Touch trackpad on this gadget lets you draw and make gestures you never thought possible.

Why Should You Buy This MacBook?

The MacBook is a fantastic choice if you’re in the market for a new Macbook. It’s a great option for anyone in the market for a new laptop because of its many desirable features and stylish design. Some of the many benefits of purchasing this MacBook are as follows:

  • The design is contemporary and chic, and it comes in a variety of color options.
  • Due to its small size and lightweight, it can be conveniently carried wherever you go.
  • Overall performance is quick and responsive, and the screen is clear and bright.
  • You can use it for extended intervals without worrying about running out of battery because the battery life is so good.
  • It already has the latest version of Apple’s macOS installed, and that version, Sierra, has a number of improvements and additions to offer over earlier releases.

How much does a 12-inch MacBook Pro M7 model cost?

Regarding how much the MacBook 12in M7 will set you back. The cost of the gadget will fluctuate based on where you buy it and any deals you discount or promotions. The total cost of ownership also factors in the price of the service plan you select.

The device’s initial price may be higher than expected due to the availability of numerous performance-enhancing add-ons. You can get a 12in MacBook M7 for as little as $1,299 if you buy it from Apple themselves.

If you choose a monthly service plan, you’ll pay between $14.99 and $19.99 each month. When these charges are added in, the two-year cost of owning a MacBook 12in is between $1,313.98 and $1,358.97.

Full Specifications


Apple’s latest 12-inch MacBook Pro (M7) is slimmer, lighter, and more powerful than its predecessors. It sports an impressive Retina display, an innovative Force Touch trackpad, and a sleek new keyboard layout that makes even fast typing a breeze. Macbooks come in M, Space Gray, and Silver.

The aluminum chassis of the 12-inch MacBook M7 is both sleek and slim, contributing to the device’s simplistic but uncluttered appearance. Its 2.03-pound weight makes it convenient to transport. The screen is bright and crystal clear, and the anti-reflective coating makes it usable even in direct sunlight. Among its features are a FaceTime HD camera and a pair of USB-C connectors (one of which may be used to charge the device).

The MacBook 12-inch M7 comes standard with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, up to 16GB of RAM, and 1TB of SSD storage, depending on the configuration. It also boasts an 8-megapixel camera that can capture clear images in low light or bright sunlight.

Typing & Keyboard with a Trackpad & Key

The trackpad and keyboard on the MacBook are among the best in the industry. In the dark, you can easily type thanks to the lighted keycaps. The touch trackpad’s size makes it a breeze to use for motions and screen navigation. It’s a multitouch trackpad with a fingerprint reader for further safety.

The lack of a traditional keyboard click is the sole downside, although this is easily remedied by switching to taps instead of clicks in the settings menu. Almost nothing can be said about the performance. Apple’s reputation for producing high-powered laptops with their own custom chipsets continues with this model. Every software I’ve tried in the latest macOS Sierra has opened swiftly and run without any lag or delay.

M7 Screen Display

It’s possible to get a 12- or 13-inch display on the MacBook 12in M7. The resolution of the Retina displays on the 12-inch models is 2304×1440 pixels and the 13-inch has 2560×1600 pixels, respectively. Each unit has a 16:10 aspect ratio and is lighted by LEDs.

The displays on the 12-inch MacBook M7 are both stunning and incredibly crisp. Every element, from the colors to the easily legible language, is spot on. In other words, you won’t have to worry about being able to see the screen clearly from any specific position, as the viewing angles are very generous. Also, the displays have greater contrast and fewer glare thanks to the lamination process that bonds them to the glass.


Your every want will be accommodated by the M MacBook, as it is a powerful and flexible machine. The MacBook 12in is powerful and fast enough for any task, from casual web browsing to demanding video editing.

It is available between 8GB and 16GB of RAM for the MacBook 12in M7. Fast, however, if you have a lot of tabs open or use resource-intensive programs, you may find the 8GB model to be insufficient. We advise going with the 16GB version if you intend to use this PC for any kind of serious work.

Battery Life

The 12-inch MacBook’s battery life is excellent. Initially, we were only able to use it for around 10 hours before it needed to be recharged. We initially found that the battery lasted about 10 hours, but after installing the newest operating system and using it more frequently, we discovered that it only lasted about 9 hours. You should probably invest in an additional power adapter if you plan on using the laptop heavily during the day.

The MacBook 12in M7’s battery life has decreased, but it’s still among the best of every laptop on the market. This laptop is ideal if you want to avoid constantly plugging it in during the day. and this is the one you must select.


Featuring an M7 processor, the new MacBook is a technological game-changer. It’s not simply a lot quicker than the old processors. It’s more productive as well. The M7 CPU utilizes a brand-new architectural design that significantly reduces power consumption. Therefore, the new Apple MacBook has improved battery life compared to its predecessors.

It’s also worth noting that the M7 CPU is lightning-quick. According to our testing, it can achieve speeds that are higher than those achieved by the most powerful Intel processors. In our video encoding test, for instance, it was over 50% quicker, and in our image processing test, it was nearly twice as quick. On the whole, Apple’s new M7 processor for laptops is a major improvement


The 12-inch M7 MacBook can hold up to 128 GB of data. A laptop charging USB-C port is absent. If you want to use your laptop and charge it at the same time, you’ll need to bring along either an external hard drive or a power cord.

However, this could be troublesome for some users because utilizing the MacBook Air typically necessitates accessing files on an external hard drive. A laptop with 128 GB or 1 TB of storage space is recommended if you intend to use it as your primary device for photo or video editing.

The new MacBook only has two ports Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.0 for connecting to external storage. As an alternative to USB 3.0, Thunderbolt 2 is the superior choice due to its much higher transfer rates. However, you’ll be relieved to hear that your MacBook is still backward-compatible with older USB standards if you want to use an external hard disk or another USB device with it.


The MacBook’s light weight is an important factor when shopping for a laptop. Like its predecessors, the MacBook 12in M7 weighs in at just over 2 pounds. Because of this, it is very portable.

The MacBook 12in M7 is still a very powerful laptop despite its small size. Lightweight and dense, it’s faultless for taking on the go.

M7-Fastest Speed

Apple’s new 12-inch MacBook M7 is the company’s fastest laptop to date. The MacBook 12in M7 has a maximum Turbo Boost speed of 4.0GHz and a maximum storage capacity of 1TB. In addition, the laptop has a Retina display with a 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution.

Apple’s MacBook 12in M7 is the company’s most powerful and speedy laptop ever manufactured. The new M1 chip it uses greatly improves its speed and overall performance. Furthermore, the new MacBook in M features a lighter and more compact form.

Although the MacBook Air features Intel Iris Graphics 650, the MacBook 12-inch M7 only has Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640. As a result, it won’t be able to run the most recent games at their maximum settings, but it should be able to handle most games just fine at medium or lower.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is perfect for viewing movies or listening to music. The bass is well-balanced and the sound is crystal clear. Videos and video chats are easier to follow because the speakers are directed in your direction. The speakers are really not full-size, but they still pack a good punch. I’ve successfully cooked while listening to podcasts.

Four internal microphones on the MacBook 12in M7 allow for crystal-clear audio capture from up to 30 feet away. FaceTime and Skype have no noticeable lag, and it’s as if I were speaking directly into the device’s microphone.

Pixel Density

The resolution of the MacBook in M is 1,056 by 750 pixels, which equates to a pixel density of 401 PPI. The display on the MacBook in M is the sharpest and clearest of any laptop on the market because of this pixel density. As a result of its high pixel density, the screen of the MacBook in M is also among the most vivid and colorful of any laptop.

Touch Quality

The responsiveness and accuracy of the 12-inch MacBook’s M7 touchscreen are Excellent. The MacBook 12in M7 is an excellent choice for students and working professionals who need a portable computer with serious processing capability. The battery life is excellent, and the processor is powerful enough to handle most jobs. The price of this laptop is also very attractive. This should be your first stop if you’re looking for a new MacBook.

Q&A: Mostly Typical Questions

In 2022, which Mac Has the Most Power?

The MacBook 12″ M7 is Apple’s most potent laptop. This notebook comes equipped with a 16-inch Retina screen, an 8-core Intel Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a terabyte of storage space. A separate AMD Radeon Pro 5500M graphics processing unit with 4GB of GDDR6 RAM is included as well. The MacBook 12in M7 is ideal since it combines powerful performance with portability.

What is contained within the box?

Assuming you mean the most recent MacBook model, the contents of the box should include:

  • As for the MacBook itself
  • This 61W USB-C Power Adapter
  • USB-C Charger Cable (2m)
  • Documentation

And that’s it! In all honesty, it’s a breeze to understand.

Do you think Apple will bring back the 12-inch MacBook?

Despite Apple’s 2019 discontinuation of the 12-inch MacBook, the device has not been entirely written off. The 12-inch MacBook sold well because it offered a portable option for people who needed a computer but didn’t want to sacrifice features.

On the other hand, Apple may decide against reintroducing the 12-inch MacBook for a number of reasons.

  • One is that Apple’s recent laptop efforts have been concentrated on expanding screen size, as evidenced by the introduction of the 16-inch MacBook Pro and the 15-inch MacBook Air.
  • Apple’s other laptops, such as the 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, already offer similar or better specifications than the 12-inch MacBook, which is another reason why it was discontinued.

In 2024, what product(s) do you anticipate Apple to introduce?

In 2024, Apple is likely to introduce a new MacBook. There are rumors that the next MacBook will cost more, have a different chipset, and feature a retina display. A new iMac from Apple, reported to include a retina display and a higher price tag, is also on the horizon.

Is it a lot of expensive to get a MacBook with the Core M7 processor?

The answer, at least for the Core M7 MacBook, is an emphatic yes. With a starting price of $2,499, this is among the costliest laptops available.

This is the laptop you want if you need a powerful device with a big display and lots of extras. On the contrary, if you’re on a small budget, you may want to explore elsewhere.

Wondering about the MacBook 12in M7’s specifications.

The 12-inch Retina screen on the MacBook 12in has a resolution of 2304×1440. It contains 8GB of RAM and an Intel Core m3 processor running at 1.1 GHz. Choices of solid-state drives (SSDs) range from 128GB to 256GB to 512GB. Two Thunderbolt 3 connections and a connector for headphones are included. With a 720p resolution and a battery life of up to 10 hours, this webcam is an excellent choice. It weighs 2 pounds and has dimensions of 11.04 by 0.52 by 7.74 inches.


There’s a solid reason why the MacBook is one of the most sought-after portable computers available today. It’s easy to carry around, offers a beautiful Retina display, and excels at the essentials.

There are superior solutions available if you require a machine with greater power or portability. To begin, the Retina Display is fantastic, especially because of the vivid colors it displays.

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