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Jayda Wayda

Jayda Wayda is also known as Amour Jayda and Jayda Ayanna and is a famous Instagram personality. She is a successful entrepreneur that sells wigs, apparel items, accessories, and other hair-related products. Jayda quickly gained fame on social media and earned particular praise for her book, “15 Steps to Becoming a Young Boss.” ‘Amour jayda’ is the name of her store. She shares tutorials, product reviews, trip vlogs, and beauty tips on her YouTube channel.

Jayda Wayda’s Childhood and Early Years

Jayda Wayda was born in Georgia on September 25, 1997. She is the first name of the young millionaire. Many people are confused when they hear Jayda Wayda! So, it’s unclear if this is the same person. Her stage name is Jayda Wayda, although others also know her name as ‘Amour Jayda or Jayda Ayanna. Tricia Cheaves is her mother’s name, but little is known about her father. Len, her younger brother, and Ammerah, her younger sister, are her siblings.

She graduated from high school in 2015 and began her current job in the field. Before exploding on the national scene, she was a social media star in her hometown of Savannah, Georgia. But her spirit began even before social media when she sold her grandmother’s baked goods at school. She took that spirit to Poshmark, an online marketplace where she sold her scarcely worn goods. And she was motivated to establish her own clothing business after seeing how quickly her products sold.

At the tender age of 16, Jayda already had a name for herself. Her social media following grew at the same time. When it was opened that Jayda Wayda was dating rapper Lil Baby, her fame rose. She now has her clothes and hair brands. Jayda started her YouTube channel on August 4, 2018, and posted her debut video, “Welcome to Jayda Cheaves YouTube Channel. Family and travel.

Career and Lifestyle 

Jayda Wayda is a famous model that has worked for several different well-known companies. Also, she modeled for Matte’s Swim Week collection in July 2021. Her striking look and manner of interacting impressed the judges. She also uses her social media platforms to promote various products.

Her Net worth and occupations

She also has a successful profession and earns a comfortable living. Modeling and commercials bring her about USD 20-25k. Her YouTube channel and social media accounts also paid for her income. And she purchased a Mercedes during the Christmas season.

With all of the expensive objects and furniture present in her home, she lives a luxury lifestyle. On December 25, 2019, she bought a brand new Mercedes-Benz. Her net worth is USD 6-7 million, based on an estimate.

Being a Successful Entrepreneur

According to reports, She is the founder and proprietor of the Amour Jayda apparel line. Therefore, She sells high-quality goods at a variety of rates. She is also the proprietor of the Wayda Shop. So, she gives advice and recommends items to help with hair loss.

YouTube channel

She started her own YouTube account on August 5, 2018. As of August 2021, she had 326k subscribers and 9.5 million views on her YouTube channel. On December 17, 2018, she uploaded her debut video, ‘Jayda’s First Vlog,’ which has had 449k views as of 2021.

Her most popular video, ‘HAPPY FATHERS DAY,’ was launched on June 24, 2020. She prepares a big party for Father’s Day with her husband and kid. 1.1 million people have seen this video. Her YouTube channel includes mukbangs, beauty tutorials, quarantine routines, and fashion videos.

“The Young Boss Blueprint” is a book written by Jayda Wayda.

Even before she graduated from high school, Jayda Wayda was a successful entrepreneur. 

She wrote a book on her experience, The Young Boss Blueprint, How to Be a Boss at Any Age, three years after graduating. And another book is 15 Key Steps to Becoming a Young Boss. Her fans inspired her to write this book. Fans would message her before she wrote the book, wondering how they might become wealthy.

Jayda describes her experience of being an entrepreneur at a young age in “The Young Boss Blueprint.” She discusses how the excitement and the capacity to do work quickly. It may help you achieve far more in life. She shared some valuable tips on becoming a successful entrepreneur in the book.

Jayda Wayda’s Husband or Boyfriend

She is a YouTuber from the United States, a Social Media Star, and an Instagram star. Besides that, she is the proprietor of Amour Jayda Shop, a clothing brand, and she has a side business. Also, She is the founder of Wayda Shop. Her marital status is now single. Lil Baby is the name of Jayda Wayda‘s boyfriend. Lil Baby is a famous rapper who is very popular on social networks. When she revealed their relationship on social media, she was four months pregnant, and they now have a baby boy together.

Jayda Guides and Rules for Success

She has three guidelines that she follows at all times to accomplish success.

1. Maintain a regular schedule.

2. Concentrate on yourself

3. Be True to Yourself

Future Earnings Plans of Jayda Wayda

Jayda Wayda wants to own a hair salon, a store, and a spa all in one building, and she doesn’t only enjoy owning businesses in the United States. At the same time, she wants to take it on the entire planet. So, she believes it will be a two-story structure where you can obtain all of your products and services in one place.

Jayda Wayda Facts Which You Didn’t Know

Jayda enjoys wearing good jewelry, especially necklaces and chains. She appeared on the cover of Prema Magazine in January 2021. And she supports the Black Lives Matter movement and has a black image on his Instagram account. She goes to the gym regularly to keep her physique in shape.

And she enjoys going shopping with her boyfriend and child. She has many tattoos on her body and is also a tattoo lover.

In her home, she has owns an adorable pet dog. She has 7.1 million Instagram followers, 84k Facebook fans, and 376.8k Twitter followers. Her social media accounts are brimming with pics from her incredible photoshoots.

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