48 Stylish Taper Fade Haircuts: For Men in 2023

taper fade haircut

According to the taper fade haircut adaptability, any man can sport a look that suits his personal style. It’s versatile enough to wear parted to the side, slicked back, disheveled, or spiked. These are but a few examples of the many possible styles. Don’t be afraid to use hair styling products and/or pomades, as they are essential to achieving the most looks. Read on to learn the ins and outs of the trim and to pick up some ideas for your own projects.

What Is a Taper Fade Haircut?

Like its more traditional namesake, a taper fade haircut, a taper fade is a type of short haircut. The hair on top is longer in both styles, while the sides and back are chopped short. The length of the short haircut is typically four inches, though it can go even longer (high, low, or medium fades). The hairstylist “tapers” the short hair so that it gets shorter and shorter as it moves toward the back of the head.

Is There a Distinction Between a Taper and a Fade?

When contrasting taper and fade, you may have noticed that the former is buzzed or scissor cut, while the latter is buzzed progressively to give the impression of blending into the skin. The word “bald fade” refers to the fact that some portions of the head are shaved completely bald, while the term “taper” refers to the gradual transition between longer and shorter hair.

How can I get the taper fade haircut, and what do I need?

Among short haircuts, the taper fade is one of the most popular. You’ll need hair that’s between two and four inches long to pull this look off. Of course, if you want, you can wait a bit longer. Remember that in your pursuit of length, you may sacrifice coherence. So, prioritize the things you’re willing to give up.

You need to determine not just the optimum length for your hair, but also whether a tapered fade is the best choice for you. This short style will draw attention to any blemishes, such as scars or pimples, on your head.

The Taper Fade: A Step-by-Step Guide

The solution is obvious, though: visit your barber. But just in case they don’t get you just right, here is how it ought to look. You should wear your hair longer on top and cut it shorter as you move toward your hairline. There is a wide variety of taper fade haircuts to select from, so find one that speaks to you and bring a photo of it to your stylist.

Types Of Tapered Fade

The taper fade can be broken down into three distinct categories: low, medium, and high. Let’s decipher what they all mean.

Your approach to styling faded, tapered hair will be determined by the specific fade or taper you’re striving for. A substantial amount of the high-hold styling product is required for more complex haircuts like a high fade fake hawk. Even if you’re trying for a more subtle look, like a traditional tapered fade haircut, you can choose to style it any way you choose.

Here are some of the season’s most fashionable looks, narrowed down, so you don’t have to spend too much time deciding which one is right for you.

Low Fade Taper

The low taper fade begins above the ears, curves over the ears down the hairline, and finishes at the nape of the neck. This cut will make you look polished and prepared for any formal or informal event. Because a low fade taper emphasizes the back and sides, the top should be kept longer to provide visual contrast.

Classy Taper Fade

This haircut will help you get the desired look if you choose a classic and exquisite style but want it to appear more modern. The desired result should guide your choice of haircut style. Get a simple side part above the tapering section for added definition.

Long Hair and Low Taper Fade

The long hair and the low taper fade are a match made in hairstyle heaven. Tapering the hair with fading makes the hair on the sides and back look shorter and cleaner, leading to a more polished overall look. A low taper fade is softer than other tapper fades because it represents a gradual change in length rather than a sudden one.

Comb Over Fade

The combover fade can be worn in a variety of ways. A side part and a smooth back were the styling choices made by this model. The taper fade combover is popular among balding men and men with thinning hair because it conceals bald spots.

Parted Brush Up

Any male with wispy, limp hair will benefit from this cut. Though it takes a fair amount of styling effort, the end effect is well worth it. Adding a taper fade to your newly shortened sides can give your look a striking and refined boost. The top layer of hair, meanwhile, needs to be brushed up with lots of styling products and a strong hair dryer.

Inspired by Caesar’s Taper

Which figures from the past have influenced you to make positive changes in your own life? Then why not have a Caesar cut? Pairs wonderfully with a tapered, faded haircut and ornate design.

Taper Fade Long Hair

If you have long hair, a taper fade is a terrific option because it gives your style instant ease of maintenance and a sharper outline. You can wear your top hair as you like. Basically, any hairstyle, from a top knot to a Viking braid, can do.

Curly Taper Fade

Men with curly hair benefit greatly from a taper fade haircut. This is how you may maintain control and keep them well-groomed. If your curls lack definition, try using a texturizing product to provide structure to the top of your hair. A low-taper curly haircut is a way to go for a more subdued hairstyle.

Skin Taper Fade

With a skin taper, your hairstyle will have even more visual impact and edginess. When you have this haircut, you can have as elaborate or as simple of a top as you like because it takes almost all of the hair from the sides. Hairstyles that work well with a skin taper include a spiked-up do, a comb over, a quiff, or curtain bangs.

Choppy Top

Now more than ever, men with thick hair can forego shorter, thinner styles. They will look cool, polished, and edgy with their new choppy haircuts and taper fades. The length of their hair is also a personal preference, as they can go for a choppy shortcut or something more like the style worn by this model. Many different styles can be achieved with a taper fade.

Blowout Taper Fade

When it comes to men’s haircuts, the blowout taper fade is a go-to for those who want a little more height at the crown while keeping the sides and back short and clean. A volumizing hair product, a strong hair dryer, and a dash of confidence are all you need to pull off the style.

Mid Fade Taper

A mild taper fade is what? The mid-taper fade begins in the middle of your sides and back, whereas the low-taper fade begins lower. It strikes a nice middle ground between being excessively flashy and boring, making it an excellent option for men who value moderation. The tapered fade that begins in the middle of the head, whether it’s a faux hawk or an Afro, is a versatile style that can be worn with almost any hairdo.

Taper Fade Blonde Hair

There are several advantages for black males to choose a taper fade. The upkeep of a taper fade Afro is less intensive than that of a conventional Afro. Black males can frame their faces and appear more confident with a taper fade.

High Fade Taper

High on the sides and back, just behind the crown, is where the high taper fade begins. A man who isn’t afraid to live on the edge will look great with something as daring as that added to his style. Any hairstyle will stand out against the high fade because of the high degree of contrast it creates.

Flowy Swept Back

Add some flowy strands on top for a carefree and airy look. This style calls for sweeping back the hair on top and getting the sides faded to the skin in order to achieve the desired stark contrast. If that’s too much hair for you, you may always get a taper fade on the sides and back instead.

Faux Hawk Top

Taper fades are best used with a faux hawk haircut as a starting point. To pull off this style, you’ll need to grow out your hair on top into a crest, while shortening and taping the sides like a Mohawk.

Textured Short Top

Any length of hair can benefit from a taper fade. If you like your hair short, but want more definition, try a high-taper haircut. The same logic applies to the top layer of hair; it can be styled texture cut in a variety of ways.

Medium Blowout

A medium blowout with tapered sides is the way to go when you need to appear your finest. It’s sophisticated and well-organized, so it works well in a variety of settings, from casual to formal to business.

Low Drop Taper Fade

A low taper fade hairstyle is understated and sophisticated. Even if it isn’t the focal point of your outfit, it can help you look more put together. A drop taper fade haircut is a great choice for those who want to draw attention to a certain area of the head.

Tapered Buzz Cut

We’ve established that a men’s taper fade haircut can be any length, and the many examples of both short and long taper fade that exist today are convincing proof of this. A tapered cut is a perfect complement to a buzz cut, for example.

Short Blowout

Consider a blowout on top and a tapered low fade on the sides and back for a sharp, low-maintenance style. Adding a crease over the forehead and temples will give it an even more menacing look.

High Top Fade

The model’s high-top fade brings back the sounds of hip hop’s golden era of the 190s. The high top fade gives the style a contemporary update, and it’s back in fashion. It’s very flattering on black males and men with curly hair. It has been a widespread fashion trend recently. The high top of this style rests atop a mid-taper fade that starts at the temples and continues up to the tops of the wearer’s ears.

Tapered Mohawk

Hairstyles that resemble Mohawks have not yet gone out of trend. Even with spikes and a scruffy beard, this Mohawk fade has the potential to be elegant on this model. It can be pretty much whatever he wants. The Mohawk is no longer a symbol of the punk rock subculture alone.

Tapered Side Part

Another example of a fade that begins on the side. A deep side part is possible since the top section of this model’s hair is so long. You can observe that the wavy and curly hair types benefit the most from this side-part haircut. Curling irons and wands make it easy for men with straight hair to create the look. Hot tools are an indispensable necessity for any macho man.

Brushed Back Haircut

Brushed-back hair, if you have coarse, thick hair like this model does, a low taper fade that ends within an inch or two of the hairline is the most handsome haircut you can get.

Textured Crop

A taper can make the French crop more adaptable, despite the fact that it is still a rather divisive cut because not everyone can pull it off. It’s best to opt for a high-tapered fade if you want the textured top to remain the focus of your hairstyle. A French cropped fade black male hairstyle is the ideal way to tame kinked and unruly locks while also adding a dash of elegance to your overall look.

The Tapered Pompadour

A pompadour, or pomp, is a style of short sides and back and long, voluminous front hair. The hairstylist will produce a high fade taper with the front hair so that the pomp may be styled. People in the 50s tone down their ostentation. This stunning mannequin displays the trendy pompadour fade of today. The taper can be whichever length the wearer likes, while the pomp is high (low, mid, or high).

Quiff Top Taper Fade

When viewed from certain angles, the quiff hairstyle might be mistaken for a pompadour. Both of their hairstyles are voluminous and brushed back. On the sides, though, the quiff is noticeably larger. You can choose a shorter or longer length for your men’s quiff, as seen by the model’s mid-taper fade. If desired, it could be styled to be longer and more full.

Spiky Hairstyle

A taper fade can be a great way to spice up a shortcut on top. The model’s short, spiky hairstyle is stunning and appropriate for any event. The taper fade is a great choice since it balances off the spiky hairstyle and maintains it was looking clean and current. With a taper fade, you may pull off a wide variety of looks, some of which you would have thought were impossible. The short, spiky cuts are perfect for the traditionalist. You will unquestionably have a dashing appearance.

Curly Top Drop Fade

Curly-haired males often have difficulties while trying to discover modern haircuts. That’s not the case any longer. Men with curly hair can look great with taper fades, as demonstrated by this model. Women will be drawn to this model immediately because of her enticing curls.

The Afro Taper Fade

One of the best ways to control wild Afro hair is with a taper fade. Tapering the sides and back of your hair creates a clean, stylish look. That’s like slaying two fashion birds with one stone since you get an extremely chic and modern style. Put a dollop of gel or mousse in your hair at the crown to bring out the pronounced texture there.

Spiky & Bleached

Taper fades are so versatile that you can even style your hair or bleach it. It’s perfect for a thick taper fade hairstyle for males. Look at how the model’s hair is fading to silver. Think of all the potential outcomes.

Brushed Up Tapered Haircut

When paired with a brushed-up style, a taper fade can help keep the focus where it belongs: on the top. This hairstyle is incredibly striking and fashionable without requiring a lot of time or effort.

Slicked Pompadour Plus Taper Fade

A taper fade is an ideal companion for a sleek pompadour. It complements the overall vibe of the style while also adding a contemporary, stylish edge. A wide-tooth comb and a matte-finish styling product are all you need to achieve the look.

Long Curly Bangs Plus Taper Fade

A taper fade haircut is ideal if your hair is naturally curly. It provides form and contour to the disorderly coils while emphasizing their inherent structure and pattern. To style the curly bangs, just run your fingers through them after applying some hairstyling product.

Taper Haircut Plus Long Beard

With the taper haircut’s ability to create a clean and crisp appearance, you can sport a full beard without seeming disheveled. Go for a thick beard that extends to your chest if you are a tough guy with a lot of patience; it will look great with a tapered haircut.

Turquoise Pompom with a Slender, Short Taper

There is a wide variety of ways to highlight your hairdo. Dyeing your hair with vivid color is an alternative to drastic haircuts. The most modest hairstyle, like a short pompadour, will look striking in turquoise.

Simple, Elegant Taper Fade

You don’t have to choose between a high or bald fade for a clean, masculine cut. A taper fade haircut on the sides, no matter how minor, can be a great way to update your look. The long hair on top, however, will give your hairdo a more striking appearance.

Hand Brushed Tousled Blonde

One of the best things about getting a taper fade is that it gives your hairstyle a modern look without taking anything away from the top. Instead, you can easily make it the show-stopper of your ensemble. You can achieve a similarly casual and effortless look by just running your fingers through your hair at the crown. Get the top portion of your hair bleached while the roots are left dark for a striking visual contrast.

High-VOL, Curly Hair

Men who are blessed with naturally curly hair should make the most of their assets. As a result, you may get voluminous curls on top and a taper fade of any length and degree of drama. Use a product to give your hair a matte look and a medium hold so that you can create structure and definition.

Textured Short Top Crop

If you don’t wear your hair long for any reason—whether it’s a personal preference or a strict dress code at work don’t worry; you can still look fashionable and hip. The options for short, on-trend hairstyles are practically endless, and one may, for instance, wear a crop top. Taper fading the sides incredibly short and getting a textured cut on top is all that is required to pull off this look.

Bald Taper Fade

Apparently, not everybody looks good with a bald taper fade. Still, taking that risk will ensure that you have a striking and courageous appearance. In addition, a skin fade taper works well with a wide variety of haircuts for the top.

Taper Fade with a Curly Hair

Curly hair benefits well from a taper fade because of the cleaner, more defined look it provides. A taper fade is a way to go if you want to highlight your curls.

Short Taper Fade

Males who don’t want to risk their hair’s health by letting it grow long can get away with a short taper fade. This cut gives off an intense and focused vibe.

Inflated Quiff with a Slanted Undercut Taper

The taper fade in this undercut creates a striking visual contrast between the long and short, dark and light elements of the cut. This top has been bleached, so it’s a bit edgy.

Airbrushed with Taper Fade

You might want to remember this style if you like to wear your hair in a disheveled manner. If your hair is naturally unruly, you can play up those characteristics by styling it in this way.

Drop Fade Disconnected

This edgy cut features long, curly hair parted in a sharp line to draw attention to the face. This is a versatile haircut that may be worn both unkempt, as seen, and with short, even top hair.

The Perfect Brush-Up and Mid-Fade for Class

To get the trendy look known as the brush-up, the hair is teased and tousled in order to produce a substantial quantity of texture and a lively appearance.

Anyone, regardless of hair type (coarse, thick, curly, or thinning), can discover a taper fade haircut that works for them. It’s time to give a new look a shot, one you never thought you’d like. Modifying a component or adding some protrusions can be all that’s needed. Just like that, the fading is complete. No matter where you go or what you do, you will feel and look fantastic.


Just what does it imply when it says “taper fade”?

To achieve the look of a taper fade, the hair on the back and sides of a man’s head is shaved very short and fades into the skin.

In what way do you suggest a taper fade?

Simply tell the barber whether you want a high bald taper or a low fade haircut unless you plan on getting a customized version of a taper fade haircut. However, if you want the greatest result, it’s smart to bring in a picture of your ideal style.

Which is better, taper or fade?

The key is not which haircut is superior but rather which one complements your personal style. That being said, your facial shape and aesthetic preferences should be both factors in your decision. So, those who like things on the subdued side should investigate the taper, while those who want things on the edgy and bold side should investigate the fade.

How would a low taper fade appear?

One of the most common hairstyles with a taper fade is the low cut A low taper fade sweeps around your ears and down to the back of your head from the temples.

What is the duration of a taper fade?

A taper fade will typically last 4-6 weeks for a traditional taper cut and 2-3 weeks for a bald taper.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re going for the subtlety of a low fade, the versatility of a mid-fade, or the boldness of a high fade, a Taper fade haircut will suit you well.

Men can choose from a wide variety of fade haircuts, including those with extreme fading or subtle fading. A fade and a distinctive hairstyle can do wonders for your looks.

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